Friday, 25 April 2014

Physiks - White Lightning EP

''Bigups to Konchis, One Tzu, Andy Martin, OriginEarl & Tony Mahoney on production...Dj Sonny on Cuts & Too Much Fun Club on the artwork''

Download / stream here:

Friday, 4 April 2014

*** HIP-HOP NEWS EXCLUSIVE *** DEEKO calls out DRAKE, calls him the new JA RULE.

The hip-hop world was shook to its over-opinionated core last night as news broke of local Edinburgh rapper DEEKO having a very suitable opinion on rap / pop music superstar DRAKE

The day was 3rd April, the location was the main SOS Headquarters (aka Werd’s flat) and what happened has since had the gossip sites blowing up; TMZ on the phone, and Perez Hilton falling off his or her chair. As if today was’nt going to be an exciting day already, with it being the birthday of the mythical Han CMC! (Sorry James Franco he’s well over 18), we have this EXCLUSIVE REPORT. 

After recording Californian rapper Count 4DB, plus writing new lyrics for feature tracks for the upcoming SOS collaboration release (expected to drop in May 2014 on free download), the Sons of Scotland friends sat down to relax, have a beer and smoke. A discussion then took place. Speaking of current hip-hop, previous hip-hop, and hip-hop, the topic then moved to hip-hop. Since nothing really has happened in hip-hop worth a mention, we won’t mention it here, however we do have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Werd aka Drew Devine to summarise the night’s events:

‘To be honest it was a very poor game, I know we shouldn’t be expecting the most attacking play from French and Italian league teams, but f**king hell it was dire… I like Lyon and Juventus, both very well known and popular teams, so I was looking forward to it beforehand. However, it was only towards the end after Bonucci’s 85th min goal that had anything worth watching, not a great advert for football at all.’

During the game Deeko also made a comment about Drake being the new Ja Rule.

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