Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Weegie Abroad 2 - (Full Film)

Follow Delboy on his adventure from Glasgow to San Diego / L.A. / Las Vegas.
A independent film by TDSLR Photography...


Follow Delboy on twitter: @aweegieabroad #AWA2
Like the FB page: A Weegie Abroad

If you would like to sponsor us for the third film, contact: aweegieabroad@gmail.com

Please note we recommend watching in full screen / HD.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

DC Presents: The Route 54 Mixtape (Re-Upload)

Route 54 was a mixtape put together by Bright Sparks a couple of years before DJ Scuba launched the Scotland Standup Mixtapes and this served as his influence to get them started.

Featuring artists from all over Scotland, this includes some tracks from some disbanded crews and solo acts aswell as a few acts that are still heavily influential in Scottish Hip Hop today.

One for your collections guys. Enjoy.

And much love and respect to Bright Sparks for allowing us to put it out.

Stream/Download Below:

Gasp & Physiks - The Bouquet

'The Bouquet' is a collection of 10 stories,
Each referencing a flower by name/concept,
The full album was made over a short period
with most of the tracks written in under 48 Hours.

The album is FREE on the 'Name Your Price' basis, although any donations are greatly appreciated.

Lyrics written by Gasp.
Beats produced and mixed by Physiks.
Mastering by Konchis.

Direct link: https://gasp.bandcamp.com/album/the-bouquet

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bright Sparks - Memories Like A Picture Frame

MCFR Proudly Presents:
Bright Sparks - Memories Like A Picture Frame.
Debut EP release from Music Comes First Records.

DMC World DJ Championships (UK)

He's only gone and won it again. Edinburgh's very own Ritchie Ruftone...

Congratulations to Ritchie Ruftone

2015 UK Supremacy Champion!

Also: For the first time in DMC Championship history we have joint Champions for The UK championship. Congratulations to JFB and Ritchie Ruftone! Both DJs had exactly the same points and exactly the same placings in the other comp.

Bristo Battles 2015 - Meadows T/\ke-0\/er

Saturday 19th September 2015 rap battles return to Edinburgh... 

• Bee v G.B.H.
• Kid Robotik v Milla
• Kamihamiha v Scott Earley
• A-macc v Number 13
• Q-Riot v J.R.
• Symba v Haylee G
• Ryza v Lumanes
• Lex Lethal v ZeBaDee
• Wreckz v G-Mo
• Scrabble V Mr Sinton

• Eloquent V Renwick

Guest judges, also join in the filmed cypher. All battles filmed. PRIZES for WINNERS.


Official after-party / gig: SQUINGY + SUPPORT | Edinburgh.

EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/817792411666841/

Ciaran Mac - Multicoloured (Prod. SunDogs)

Direct Link: https://soundcloud.com/ciaran-mac/multicoloured-prod-sundogs

Friday, 4 September 2015

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Devils in Skirts "And It Goes A Little Bit Like DIS" (music video)

Haylee G - Devils in Skirts - And It Goes A Little Bit Like DIS
Music recorded by David Whitmey @ Musicbase Edinburgh.
Video by Savage Vision, Filmed by Carrie Beattie, Edited by Alexis Beattie

Thanks to Hannah from headhunters for being an extra.