Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Van Dammage - Neon and Noisy [Review]

The Van Dammage - Neon and Noisy

Music - David Lo Pan
Vocals/Lyrics - Becca Starr

I didn't hear music of this genre growing up, being a late 80's baby it wasn't in my record collection or surroundings. Playing GTA: Vice city, or watching the iconic movie Scarface would be when I first heard this type of electronic 80's style music. So for me this type release is hard to pin down and explain. It manages to sound both current and retro. Waves of nostalgia flow over, yet the production is so clean and crisp it’s clearly more modern and suitable for 2017 release.

Becca Starr is pretty well known in the Glasgow music scene, her solo work and gig nights have been consistent and well received for a number of years. The band / duo element really adds to her talent, while sometimes more production and range of sounds squeezed together can drown out the vocals, this isn’t the case. David’s powerful music with powerful lead vocals works. Forget the auld saying; ‘less is more’, more is more, well - at least when balanced like this.

The exuberance of The Van Dammage is undeniable. There is a relentlessly cheery, uplifting and sometimes camp aspect to their music that makes it hard to dislike. It is fun music to keep you uplifted, you just can’t hate on that style and vibe.

In short: This should have been the Kung Fury soundtrack. The Van Dammage kick it harder than a Robotic Kung Fu army or Viking Laser Raptors ever could.

1.       Aim Right & Fire
2.       Electrifying
3.       Back to the 80s
4.       Liberate
5.       Winless game
6.       Cougar
7.       Darkest Night
8.       Thoughts Unheard
9.       Golden
10.   Clamber
11.   Two Sides

Favourite track: Golden.

Why: God damn it’s epic. Becca’s vocals on that hook, for f**k sake that’s outstanding. Shiver down the spine, scream on top a cliff or sky-scrapper type tune. That chorus is such high energy it’s going to leave an impact on anyone that listens. At the volume I’ll play this, that’s my whole street.

Second Favourite track: Cougar.

Why: the opening bass, the electronic backing vocals work perfectly to compliment Becca's powerful main lead. Plus, who doesn’t love a dirty cougar? haha.

Review: by Drew Devine aka Werd

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