Tuesday, 22 December 2015

KOTR Mobile 24: Mackenzie vs Simplicity

Raspy Raps Vol​.​1 by Mr.MacKenzie (CatchKlick)

 Raspy Raps Vol​.​1 by Mr. MacKenzie (CatchKlick) is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, mixed and mashed up in the form of a new tape. Check it out. Artwork features some of the old gigs and events Mr. MacKenzie over the years.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Deeko - Life Itself Vol.3 [Free Mixtape]

Contains existing features and new tracks.
Tracklist selected and edited by Deeko.
Vocal editing and mastering by Werd.

Vocal features include: Bang Dirty, Jordan Butler, Conscious Route, Wardie Burns, Blasfima Sinna, Werd & More.

Sons of Scotland 2015.

Direct Link: https://deeko.bandcamp.com/album/life-itself-vol-3

Preview Tracks:

Direct Link: https://deeko.bandcamp.com/album/life-itself-vol-3

Justice John Official Debut Album PLAY

Justice John Official Debut Album PLAY.
That's Right, Hit The Play Button And Give It A Listen.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Madhat McGore ft Mayhem (SAS) - Where Them Grands At (Official Video)

Download the track FREE from http://www.mcfr.co.uk/

Crimzon Ink / Ill Az - 'Achmed' Promo Flyer

Mephistopheles Codex LP 
coming soon

R.I.P. Mike Allen

Mike Allen

Having not been born when this man was in his prime, I can be forgiven for missing his name. However many in the local hip-hop scene in Scotland have expressed both sadness and respect over the weekend following news a local legends death.... 

He sadly passed on the 5th December. Absolute legend when it comes to UK Hip Hop in this country. Unknown to many younger heads, many grew up listening to his radio show on Capital Radio in the mid 1980s where he introduced so many people in Scotland to Hip-Hop. 

MAKAR VS BIG HYPES | Don't Flop Extra

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Promotional video for IDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015.
Produced by DJ QBert with IDA World Champions: Dj IQ (USA), Ritchie Ruftone (Scotland), VaZee (POL). Video promotes the second most important dj competition in the world - IDA WORLD FINALS. The event is scheduled for 5th of December Krakow, Poland.

DJ QBERT "Crazy Raw" feat. Dj IQ, Ritchie Ruftone, Dj VaZee (IDA 2015 Promo Official Video)

Monday, 16 November 2015

Squingy (USG) feat Bright Sparks & Madhat McGore - Internet G's

Download free from www.MCFR.co.uk

Check Our Attitude by Big Shamu

"Check Our Attitude" is a showcase of Big Shamu's talents, designed to please the more refined of palettes. Boasting his eclectic musical talent and taste, this album rolls smoothly through every dark corner of the genre. By presenting such thought provoking concepts through quoteable bars with strong tones of youth culture, humour and satire this album stands out as more than your average Hip-Hop offering. Wunderkid is a title few are worthy of, but Big Shamu wears it well. Arguably a newcomer to the world of Hip-Hop, he wastes no time proving himself a force to be reckoned with. Whether he's lending his soft, soulful tones for a hook, his piercing drums for a beat or effortlessly styling all over your favorite rappers, his nonchalant talent is hard to deny. In short, this is a debut album worth talking about, its replay value alone makes it worthy of a place in any Hip-Hop fan's collection.

 Released November 15, 2015

Direct link: https://subfrictionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/check-our-attitude

'Dusty Lamps 2' by Blasfima & Konnsky

Dusty Lamps part 2 from BAFTA winner Konnsky and Scottish DMC Champion DJ U-Turn. With raps by Blasfima Sinna (Stone Bench, You-Sonix Records)

Direct link: https://you-sonix.bandcamp.com/album/dusty-lamps-2

BRISTO BATTLES // Kamihamiha V Scott Earley

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


our first project together, many more to come. Massive thanks to all involved it wouldn't have been possible without you all, all the GGS fam, Boydy over at moxie media management for the time and effort he put into out video, Jurd Beats for a wicked beat to use, The Jazz man & co on production and everyone who supports us daily and pushes us to do more.

Werd's Alien [PE.2] Reviewed by Becca Starr

'I was humbled to be asked by Werd to write a review for his latest project. With the release of his 'Salt n Sauce' video, directed by Omar Al-Zidjali of redtreefilms, I expected a straight hip-hop experience with Alien [PE.2]. Which was a false assumption. The overall feeling of the album is very dark, aggy, reflective and satirical. Lyrically very up front and honest. An aggravated lament. There are several themes throughout the album, frustration and comedy he witnesses in the hip-hop scene, his dis-trust for media and government, his purpose, his moral conscience and concern for the planet. Socially and ecologically. Multiple genres creep in. Making the whole album contemporary and relevant. But perhaps what you might not have expected.

The production on the album is flawless, start to finish. This is hardly surprising when you read the list of contributing producers. Soaring synths, varying grooves and styles all seem to merge effortlessly into an overall sound, feel and atmosphere. Despite the darker feel, there is still a lot of uplifting, funky moments. 'Human Form (Transform)'perhaps the funkiest. Short, sweet and to the point. His delivery skills are very well showcased in this project. 'Inner Caves' displaying his double-time abilities (plus a totally amazing sample) and his lyrical content is unapologetic and hard-hitting. He even sings a bit in 'Spoon-fed with plastic sporks'. A dark but very melodic piece. Tracks like 'Escape the Dying Planet' deliver his storytelling ability, the sense of drama coupled with epic samples leave a real impression. A good impression. The sense creeps in that lately he has questioned his own relevancy, yet also plays with the idea of being a caricature of himself. That his disappointment of what he's heard/seen in the scene has almost driven him to comment, with impact and eloquence. Occasionally tongue-in-cheek, but I note the sincerity of his delivery in some of those cases. Which makes it hard to judge how serious he is being in his criticisms. Part of me expects that this is his means of confronting the subject, but also hopefully making his fellow rappers and mc's think. Perhaps re-think. Perhaps reflect, as he has. As a listener, you feel included in the questioning he does. Almost a vibe of Werd suggesting - "You go think about that".

Overall, it's a very good album. I was impressed. His trademark delivery makes every track passionate in its own way. The final track 'Leave This Behind' seemed to epitomise his alienated vibe, but also acts as a question mark. Has Werd had enough? With quotes from the album like - "Represent, just resent" you could easily believe he feels unappreciated. But the fact is, he is appreciated and valued. An active advocate and supporter of his fellow artists. He's had a break, thought things over and now he's back. I think this project was his opportunity to clear the air and vent his concerns. However, now he has done that, could he be looking ahead? I hope so. Sometimes, we all feel Alien.'


Alien [PE.2] is downloadable from Bandcamp and Itunes
Plus see the video for 'Salt n Sauce' on YouTube Here.

Becca Starr is a talented and respected singer / songwriter based in Scotland. For her music profile page please CLICK HERE

Encoded by The Urban Folk Crowd

"The Urban Folk Crowd are Conscious Route and Calum Carlyle. Bringing together a unique blend of Hip Hop, Folk, Indie, Reggae among other influences, the band have created catchy melodies and conscious thought-provoking lyrics in a way that is feel good.

The Urban Folk Crowd came together when singer / songwriter Calum Carlyle met Conscious Route through the Edinburgh music scene. After being fans of each other's work they created a debut album in the background of their busy lives.

The album, which is produced by Fraser Johnstone, mixes influences from all the people involved to bring a slice of difference while creating a crowd ethos for this musical endeavor. Calum's musical background coming from Folk, Blues, Indie, and other influences, while Conscious Route originated from Hip Hop, Poetry, alternative music and Reggae. The two let the experience flow, rather than directing to write certain songs to be a certain way. With many cups of herbal tea and talking, the album took over two years to complete. What set out to be a project of serious intent changed direction into an enjoyable journey of learning and appreciation for good music and good people. I think that experience of the journey is conveyed through the music itself."

Released October 28, 2015

Rewind 4 Years: Escape From Carstairs

On 3rd November 2011 Wardie Burns and Wee D escaped from Carstairs leaving behind no traces to detail their break out other than unreadable, deranged notes on their cell walls and floor. It is believed that these two inmates had predicted a release on this date without any indication or reason to why it was significant. Carstairs has refused to comment on the matter until Lothian Borders Police complete their investigation. The fearsome reputation of the hospital means most will oppose the escape and the lack of security at its location, but those involved in the sites management say it should ensure the care and security for each patient still there, and ultimately the public is now in danger. If you have any details on the whereabouts of these escapees please contact either NHS, local police or Sons of Scotland (SOS).

Released November 3, 2011

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

BRISTO BATTLES // Ryza v Lumanes

Nautilus Inkworks teams up with Glasgow MP

Nautilus Inkworks has a new partner, and perhaps not what you would expect of a local urban company. Don't take my word for it, read below the direct quote from Patrick Grady MP.

'I am delighted to announce a new initiative to support rising creative talent in the Glasgow North constituency. As part of a new ‘Local Artists Project’, I’m keen to bring some of the diverse, creative and contrasting buzz of the constituency into my Firhill office and promote up-and-coming artists across the area. The new Project will see local artists showcasing their artwork in the constituency office for 4-6 weeks at a time.

Glasgow has one of the most exciting creative scenes in the country, and my constituency covering the West End and Maryhill has a particularly high concentration of artists, musicians and writers. Using my local office in Firhill to showcase some of the best local talent will hopefully be of interest to visiting constituents and of course any passer-by is welcome to drop in as well.

The first artist kicking off this exciting project is Christopher Stevens of Nautilus Inkworks, a self-taught artist who has been active on the Glaswegian urban art and music scene for 7 years.

Nautilus Inkworks creates original and exclusive unisex streetwear, with an inclusive touch. We are influenced by the people, music and art of urban culture and the cityscapes that we live in and love. Everything that we produce is high quality, low-run, original and limited edition forever, and we encourage our customers to influence what we do next. Our range follows no rules and is constantly evolving to reflect our surroundings, embodying the true spirit of streetwear.

This is streetwear for deep thinkers, designed to inspire pride.

This is why people choose to wear and share our products.”

More information about Nautilus Inkworks can be found online at www.nautilusinkworks.com

Twitter: @nautilusink
Instagram: @nautilusinkworks
Facebook: /nautilusinkworks

Details of our next artist due to showcase in mid-December will follow shortly. If you’re a local artist interested in taking part just get in touch, contact details and more information about the project are on the website: http://www.patrickgrady.scot/artists-project

Defend The Mic Rap Contest 2015

Upcoming rappers should check out Defend The Mic Rap Contest 2015 and get involved.

WEBSITE LINK: http://www.musicpluss.com/defendthemic/

Iron Masons - Knight Rider [Official Video]

Iron Masons - Knight Rider [Official Video] You Sonix
Download the free Iron Masons - Lost Scrolls L.P @ you.sonix.bandcamp.com

The video and album is %100 non profit.

BRISTO BATTLES // Kid Robotik v Milla


Nity Gritz - Lets Not Pretend prod. Orry Caren

Monday, 19 October 2015

Werd (SOS) - Salt n Sauce [Official Video]

Taken from "Alien [PE.2]" by Werd​ (SOS)

Music Video Directed & Edited: Omar Al-Zidjali.
Sponsored by Pieute​ & Nautilus Inkworks​ clothing.
Shouts to Big Shamu​ On the beat production.

Friday, 16 October 2015

'Werd (SOS) - Alien [PE.2]' Album Out Now.

Vaguely following on from the conceptual mixtape Patient Empowerment, Werd speaks from a confused and secluded place in his own mind. His brain cells, or mental cell, depending on listener’s interpretation. Having been left alone and ‘alienated’ from both the world and hip-hop scene, we are given an honest and often critical opinion of the human race and music industry. This is no longer about local hip-hop, pushing the music or gaining exposure. Werd’s new release is a wild mix of emotion based on frustration with our current system of life on a global scale.

Featuring production from: Bigg Taj, Righteous Fist, Konchis, Madman Speakz, Dixie, C. Boyd, Sea-Bass, Tam O'Shatner, Lorne MacDougall, Big Shamu, Loonatic Beats & Dale A Thomson.

Bandcamp Link (CD & Digital Download):


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Werd confirms new album release date for 'Alien'

New 13-track solo album from Werd released 16th October 2015.

Features production from: Bigg Taj, Righteous Fist, Konchis, Madman Speakz, Dixie, C. Boyd, Sea-Bass, Tam O'Shatner, Lorne MacDougall, Big Shamu, loonatic beats & Dale A Thomson.

Available on digital download or limited edition CD copies.

Don't Flop Manchester, Two Scotsman on Show.

  • EVIL makes his full Don't Flop debut after his previous try-out win.
  • JR The Juggernaut also enters the battles in his try-out match.
Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1641143919436479/

See below for EVIL's Try-Out battle:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Weegie Abroad 2 - (Full Film)

Follow Delboy on his adventure from Glasgow to San Diego / L.A. / Las Vegas.
A independent film by TDSLR Photography...


Follow Delboy on twitter: @aweegieabroad #AWA2
Like the FB page: A Weegie Abroad

If you would like to sponsor us for the third film, contact: aweegieabroad@gmail.com

Please note we recommend watching in full screen / HD.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

DC Presents: The Route 54 Mixtape (Re-Upload)

Route 54 was a mixtape put together by Bright Sparks a couple of years before DJ Scuba launched the Scotland Standup Mixtapes and this served as his influence to get them started.

Featuring artists from all over Scotland, this includes some tracks from some disbanded crews and solo acts aswell as a few acts that are still heavily influential in Scottish Hip Hop today.

One for your collections guys. Enjoy.

And much love and respect to Bright Sparks for allowing us to put it out.

Stream/Download Below:

Gasp & Physiks - The Bouquet

'The Bouquet' is a collection of 10 stories,
Each referencing a flower by name/concept,
The full album was made over a short period
with most of the tracks written in under 48 Hours.

The album is FREE on the 'Name Your Price' basis, although any donations are greatly appreciated.

Lyrics written by Gasp.
Beats produced and mixed by Physiks.
Mastering by Konchis.

Direct link: https://gasp.bandcamp.com/album/the-bouquet

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bright Sparks - Memories Like A Picture Frame

MCFR Proudly Presents:
Bright Sparks - Memories Like A Picture Frame.
Debut EP release from Music Comes First Records.

DMC World DJ Championships (UK)

He's only gone and won it again. Edinburgh's very own Ritchie Ruftone...

Congratulations to Ritchie Ruftone

2015 UK Supremacy Champion!

Also: For the first time in DMC Championship history we have joint Champions for The UK championship. Congratulations to JFB and Ritchie Ruftone! Both DJs had exactly the same points and exactly the same placings in the other comp.

Bristo Battles 2015 - Meadows T/\ke-0\/er

Saturday 19th September 2015 rap battles return to Edinburgh... 

• Bee v G.B.H.
• Kid Robotik v Milla
• Kamihamiha v Scott Earley
• A-macc v Number 13
• Q-Riot v J.R.
• Symba v Haylee G
• Ryza v Lumanes
• Lex Lethal v ZeBaDee
• Wreckz v G-Mo
• Scrabble V Mr Sinton

• Eloquent V Renwick

Guest judges, also join in the filmed cypher. All battles filmed. PRIZES for WINNERS.


Official after-party / gig: SQUINGY + SUPPORT | Edinburgh.

EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/817792411666841/

Ciaran Mac - Multicoloured (Prod. SunDogs)

Direct Link: https://soundcloud.com/ciaran-mac/multicoloured-prod-sundogs

Friday, 4 September 2015

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Devils in Skirts "And It Goes A Little Bit Like DIS" (music video)

Haylee G - Devils in Skirts - And It Goes A Little Bit Like DIS
Music recorded by David Whitmey @ Musicbase Edinburgh.
Video by Savage Vision, Filmed by Carrie Beattie, Edited by Alexis Beattie

Thanks to Hannah from headhunters for being an extra.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Nautilus Inkworks Video Look Book (Autumn 2015)

Full details at nautilusinkworks.com 
Inclusively Exclusive Streetwear, GLA UK.
Video directed and edited by Omar Al-Zidjali

Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEwXi7OeY04

Just Music by Diamond B [Free LP]

Direct link: https://diamondb.bandcamp.com/

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.  

Monday, 27 July 2015

ESP: Nudge Nudge Wink Wink [Video]

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink from DannyCrofts on Vimeo.

ESP... Erratic Sleeping Patterns = Teknique & OneTzu.

System of Control - Clippers LP [Out Now]

Clippers is the debut album by System of Control (Cab Beats & Jay Hazey) and was released under Powercut Productions Record Label. Free Download / Stream link here.


Official Music Videos for this release can be found with these links:

The Analysation
(Shot & Edited by UGS Media) Special Thanks to Jeffery Aiwohi.

Destined To Burn (Clippers)
(Video Production by UGS Media)

Silver Spoon
(Shot & Edited by Steg G) Special Thanks to Hendo

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Audio Soup 2015 Festival - Info / Ticket link.

Back for our 5th year with an exciting new date for your diaries, Audio Soup promises to bring a bit of sunshine and magic to the Scottish summer. You can now find this tantalising three-day festival on our new site in the Scottish Borders, and the team never fails to stir up the very best in musical marvels. Expect a tasty mash of homegrown talent and talents from further afield over five electric, eclectic and eccentric stages. A veritable plethora of audio visual experience, Soup strives to offer something for everybody's taste regardless of age or gender.

Audio Soup is always ecstatic to welcome the family, so don’t forget that under-12’s go free! Be sure to check out our workshop space where we will be bringing back many of the much-beloved family favourites from previous years to keep your wee ones entertained so that you can sneak in a cheeky Thistly Cross.

Full line up here:

This year we have a new site, nestled in the beautiful Lammermuir hills, next to the village of Cranshaws. If you are driving and have sat-nav then typing in the post code TD11 3SL should get you there.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

'JKC - The Humble Offering' [Out Now]

 New JKC Album Out Now.

Guest vocals from MOG, Werd, Freestyle Master, Liane Henry.
'Trust In Me' and 'Literal Break Up' produced by Menco.
'Man Up' produced by Padjo.
'One Day At a Time' and 'Get Down' produced by Mikey. 'Your no Good' produced by Big Div all other songs produced by JKC. Recorded mixed and mastered by Steg G @ thekitchen  #thehumbleoffering

Direct Link: https://jkc-the-humble-offering.bandcamp.com/album/the-humble-offering

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ariel Killick: Scots Gaelic & Irish Rap

Ariel Killick is an award-winning & nominated Scots Gaelic & Irish-speaking performance artist & workshop facilitator. Described as “An amazing force of nature in its purest form", Ariel presents her first 2 out of the 3 tracks written over a four day collaborative training & development period in Cork, November 2014, as part of the Columba Initiative/Bòrd na Gàidhlig-funded Inter-Gaelic Rap Project, lead by Ariel since late 2012, and project managed by Pocket Circus.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Cheeens - Shadows [RFM Music Video]

After taking a year out to write his new album, Cheeens drops the first music video from #FTWG for 'Shadows' which he has dedicated in memory of Daniel Mackintosh.

Filmed by Ransom Fee Media [Konz]

Website | www.ransomfeemedia.co.uk
Follow Cheeens on Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsCheeens

Monday, 6 July 2015

STV / Police Scotland promote Beach Party.

What happens when you have a tiny gig of friends by then the Police comment, the media picks it up, and now your event just went city wide... well... this...



Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/653889558088826/

Damaged Goodz - 3 Queens [HD Music Video]

Damaged Goodz Ft Becci Wallace, Debbie Macdonald, Michelle Low. Produced by Stone Generals. In association with Watercolour Music.

Check out Damaged Goodz material on Souncloud here: https://soundcloud.com/damaged-goodz-official

Also check out and 'Like' his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/damagedgoodzofficial?fref=ts

Gasp - Beyond The Comfort Zone (Prod. Konchis)

Gasp is a Glaswegian Hip Hop MC/wordsmith and founder of Badmouth Battles held in the o2 ABC. Gasp along with his solo career is a member of the group The Being Emcee’s and Toy Control as well as being part of the Southside Deluxe roster.

New album 'Beyond The Comfort Zone' is entirely produced by Konchis. You can find it at the following link: www.gasp.bandcamp.com

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Tru Factz & Lewis Findlay - Contender (Single)

Direct link: https://darkpoetryrecords.bandcamp.com/track/contender

Tru Factz & Lewis Findlay - Released 24 June 2015

Levels Syndicate - A-Macc X Chrissy Grimez - They Ain't Working #LVLZAVP




Monday, 22 June 2015

Werd releases upcoming album artwork.

Alien [PE:2] is a conceptual album by Werd (SOS) coming 2015.
Artwork painted on canvas by Werd's brother Alistair Devine (Edinburgh).

*Isn't actually about aliens

Monday, 15 June 2015

ZeBaDee - From The Heart [Music Video]

From the heart is a track taken from ZeBaDee's EP '' Back 2 Beginnings''. This track is about separating the man from the artist. You can follow ZeBaDee on Twitter @RikiBurnside

Friday, 12 June 2015

Madhat McGore - Numbers Mixtape [Werd Reviews]

‘Wait, seriously… You’re actually going to hit me with a review that’s written by somebody he works with often and also happens to be a close friend?’ Yes, f*cking deal with it. Apart from ‘Scotland Stand-Up’ there is a lack of reviewing and discussion within hip-hop and rap in Scotland. How many blogs and online platforms can you think of just now? Yeah, thought so… Now read on people. I promise it will be as impartial as possible while avoiding mentioning a single track I’m featured on...

Madhat McGore: you know him already. If you don’t then I’m assuming you are either new to rap music in Scotland or are in one of those cliques that’s so cliquey that your clique’s got a cliques. It’s a common trait in this genre that people stick to their mates (this reviewing isn’t helping that image I admit). Furthermore, others seem to judge based on a couple songs that became popular online without looking in-depth at the artist and his catalogue. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve done it myself. It’s far too easy to dismiss certain acts and put them in a bubble, thankfully this release is the sharp pin we can wave towards those judgemental bubbles. 

The release: Already known for his high energy and rapid delivery over beats, this is exactly where we begin. Madhat clearly has a signature sound. I would think only a complete idiot could confuse the artist with another in Scotland or the rest of the UK. But, this also comes with a negative angle. Madhat can sound the same on various tracks, or similar production tricks us into thinking we have heard it before. It was only when dubstep hit the mainstream that he really took his place both on tracks and certainly raised his profile with live performances. While solo rap and hip-hop acts can struggle to get a crowd reaction and lift energies, Madhat showed many how it should be done. Now that dubstep is leaving our attention span the rapper remains spitting over harsh sounding beats and baselines. But have we heard it all before? At the start of the tape this is how you might feel, but hold off a second, let’s look into the concepts and lyrics within the first 5-6 tracks and dig a little deeper...  

First off it’s not Madhat we hear to begin with, it’s DJ Livewire introducing the release. Right away that indicates who this is for, it lets us know the audience is not the local scene but the larger UK scene as a whole. The intro track itself is standard for the artist, harsh beat, harsh voice and harsh words for both the listen and any other acts that might be tuning it. ‘Hands up, or I’ll take off’… Madhat doesn’t need to do these free tapes anymore, or live shows in the local scene. There’s a bit of anger here sugar-coated in confidence. Furthermore, ‘Bridge a Gap’ gives an idea of what he was attempting to do with the local scene and the UK perspective of it, while seeking more in his own life. ‘Going In’ produced by Show N Prove is also a continuation of the narrative, but in a more impressive and catchy way. Deezy’s distinct voice brings something more to this also, which leave us questioning why he isn’t pushing himself more. 

Skipping a few tracks in ‘What Can I Say’ really stands out, like really. Madhat is perfect on these kind of tracks, loud and imposing, yet chilled overall in feel. The beat adds to this, sounding faster than it should due to the relaxing nature of it. This reminds me in a way of ‘Simple Things’ released years ago. Sometimes talking about everyday life and the enjoyable parts is when Madhat connects with the listener. It’s all good killing a beat with a sick flow, but this is when Madhat stops rapping and makes a song for non-hip-hop fans. That is perhaps an angle he should look into more often when branching out. It is the polar opposite of tracks such as ‘Chances’ where we hear deep personal emotion and self-doubt. A run of tracks produced by Dale A Thomson gives the tape an escape with its brilliant hooks / angelic vocal samples. It’s really noticeable how the mood of the release has changed from track 10 onwards, now we’ve calmed down, we start to pay more attention to lyrics.

As I’m over half way into this I’m starting to notice I should be in the car, not listening behind my desk. It contains far too much energy for a solo listen indoors. ‘Quality’: And it is. Now that we’re this far into the release we have fully tuned in as a listener, now we find ourselves not listening to him, but with him. I mentioned it should be played loud, or in a car, but now I’m listening to the track named ‘Fast Car’ I want to be in the Meadows with a zoob and fruit cider…

‘Sitting With Bottles’… Produced by Jigz… why I have heard this before? Oh wait I’ve not, I’ve also used this same beat by Jigz on the Vagabonds album with Wardie Burns haha. I actually love that, that’s what mixtapes are and do. Re-use production and create different tracks, I’m loving the fact that Scottish hip-hop has grown to such an extent this is happening internally too. The following track ‘Stand There’ is a stand-out track. Madhat’s emotion has changed, a little depressing with a beat that shouldn’t suit, but does so well. I am honestly very impressed and into this second half content, Show N Prove returns with an incredible remix of Oasis’s Wonderwall which Madhat excels on. The last track I will mention is simple, and for good reason. A ‘Pure Grim Love Story’ is a brilliant piece of story-telling which drags the listener into a real audio experience. I can’t do it justice. Listen, and make sure you are sitting down towards the end…

Conclusion: This isn’t his best work, far from it. It touches his brilliance but repeats much of it’s content and message over a few times. Perhaps it could have been shorter, but it is a mixtape after all. Everyone following the music in Scotland knows he hasn’t hit his potential either. But remember this is a FREE MIXTAPE. Nothing more than keeping up the buzz before the main album drops. That said album should be incredible, personally I have heard tracks from it over the years and it blows everything else away. Yes, this is a review of the mixtape, but while writing it I really want to phone Hatter up and tell him to get his f*cking album out. Madhat has the potential to bring Scottish hip-hop into the UK scene in a way not done before (ironically from an artist which backed Scottish independence). While the Scottish scene has become over-saturated and messy we need acts such as this to fly the flag in a professional manner. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea in the local scene, but he doesn’t need to be, he out-grew it long ago. It’s about time everyone was fully aware he isn’t seeking your approval, he’s far past that. Now Madhat is getting to the stage he’s planning his direction and style for a larger audience. So listen to this, mainly the second half of the release is where you should pay key attention and I guarantee you will find something new to the Edinburgh artist. As he plays with styles and his image it’s apparent this is still only a preview, clearly the best is yet to come… I mean, if ‘Pure Grim Love Story’ didn’t make the album… what did?

Thank you for reading.
Pea-suit. Werd x

Photos used by TDSLR Photography. All rights remain.