Thursday, 5 January 2017

From the Vaults - Volume 1 by Steg G

New, classic and never released features from within the PCP vaults and the cutting room floor.
Released December 24, 2016  

Features vocals from:  
Steg G, MOG, Madhat Mcgore, Wee D, Werd, Conscious Route, Freestyle Master, Jee4ce, Deezy & Stanley Odd, 

Spawn Zero - Freestyle Takeover S2 E8 [Graftin Media]

King Of Sins by Lumanes [LP]

This is the third and final album to be released by Scottish rapper Lumanes. Now 21 years old at the time of the release, Lumanes had been working on the album since 2014 and wanted to leave 2016 with his final album before he moves on to spoken word style poetry, more battle rap and religiously motivated content. Originally the album was to be sold, but is now available for free download.


IRON MAYAN was IRON MASONS first album recorded circa 2010. Ricky Henderson had recently discovered Schizo Creator and Artist Autistic. Realising their potential he set his sights on signing IRON MASONS to Henderson Records. Promising them fame, money and girls galore he got his way. Schizo and Artist saw the catch but signed the deal anyway, expecting to rinse Ricky and do their own thing god damn it!

Written: Schizo Creator & Artist Autistic. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO THE BANDCAMP

Shogun - Real Talk Pt.1 [Graftin Media]