Friday, 15 November 2019

G-MO: HIs & LOs (Official Music Video)

2 songs about the 2 different sides to type 1 diabetes, hyper & hypo, beat produced by Kid Robotik x King Meraki, visuals by FamilyStarrMedia, written and performed by GMO.

Loki - 23rd Dec 2019 - King Tut's Glasgow


Loki, real name Darren McGarvey, is a Glasgow-based author, performer, community activist and journalist. Loki's central role in the development and evolution of Scottish hip-hop cannot be understated, and his influence as a writer and performer can be felt wherever Scottish rap is found.

 MON 23 DEC 2019 Doors 8:30pm 18+

Tzusan x Kid Robotik - TOASTED

Monday, 14 October 2019

Vagrant Real Estate: SWEETHEARTGRIPS

Artist Name: Vagrant Real Estate
Release Date: 25th October 2019

This October sees the release of Scottish producer Vagrant Real Estate’s sophomore instrumental hip-hop album, SWEETHEARTGRIPS, on all streaming platforms.

Juxtaposition is a running theme in Vagrant Real Estate’s work: aside from the oxymoron implied in his production alias, the new album title refers to the clear handles WWII soldiers attached to their firearms with photographs of loved ones inside, alluding to the stark contrast of the often sentimental and originally romantic subject matter Vagrant pulls from in order to craft hard hitting and dark beats.
The album itself draws from many moods and feelings, from quiet, reflective jazz and blues reminiscent of Dilla, Madlib and DJ Shadow to the loud, maximalist soul chops of Just Blaze, 9th Wonder and early Kanye, peppered with soundbites spanning obscure interview clips, vinyl snippets and general Internet-age ephemera. If Vagrant’s first album of bright, orchestral soul flips, titled As Much As I Used To, was day, then SWEETHEARTGRIPS is the night, with a somber and reflective tone that carries throughout most of the project.

The entirety of the production, arrangement and artwork has been handled by Vagrant Real Estate himself, with three guest appearances dropping in as interludes. Skirmish of acclaimed UK rap group Rhyme Asylum makes an appearance, as well as the Birmingham Grime artist Mayday and Reno KOQ of Queens, New York. These three disparate artists are linked through their production from Vagrant and highlight the crux of his work as being made possible by the Internet, and the geographical barriers it breaks down. Much like these three MCs, the source material utilized in Vagrant’s sampler comes from all over the globe, centralized by the World Wide Web. The tracks themselves blend together as one, with emphasis on shifts in dynamics, interspersed with offcuts and sudden new directions, mirroring the scatter-brained short attention span of the modern internet.

Vagrant Real Estate is an Aberdeen based producer and DJ working across several genres, from hip-hop and R&B to grime and UK rap.

As a producer he has worked with artists such as Nolay, Remtrex, Blay Vision, Cally and Ransom FA, while also branching out worldwide by laying down beats for international MCs such as Florida’s Eyesayge and Reno KOQ from Brooklyn.

His first solo album “As Much As I Used To” was released in December 2017, and enjoyed support from the likes of BBC Introducing Scotland, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Sphere of Hip-Hop and several other blogs and playlists.