Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rewind 4 Years: Escape From Carstairs

On 3rd November 2011 Wardie Burns and Wee D escaped from Carstairs leaving behind no traces to detail their break out other than unreadable, deranged notes on their cell walls and floor. It is believed that these two inmates had predicted a release on this date without any indication or reason to why it was significant. Carstairs has refused to comment on the matter until Lothian Borders Police complete their investigation. The fearsome reputation of the hospital means most will oppose the escape and the lack of security at its location, but those involved in the sites management say it should ensure the care and security for each patient still there, and ultimately the public is now in danger. If you have any details on the whereabouts of these escapees please contact either NHS, local police or Sons of Scotland (SOS).

Released November 3, 2011

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