Monday, 5 December 2016

Stutter Jack - Debut Release on Powercut

The obnoxious Stutter Jack style blends new and old boom-bap with Electro-style beats. This talisman of disassociated mind-craft unveils the grim depths with his personal warped lyrics of the darkest disclosure from his suppressed cerebral. His elaborate hip hop nihilism combines with tort and regressed convalescence both in outlook and lyrical style. The man society wouldn't accept has finally found his mouthpiece works, with a staggered speech impediment bringing twisted revelation to the underground of UK Hip Hop & world-wide. The six track E.p features production from Sean El & Kid Robotik.

Track Listing
1.      Splogged Reality Produced by Kid Robotik
2.      Chilling Produced by Sean El
3.      Simmer Down Produced by Kid Robotik
4.      Clown Face Produced by Sean El
5.      Rogue Clothing Produced by Sean El
6.      Pessimistic Potency Produced by Sean El

All music produced by Sean El unless stated,
“Splogged Reality” and “Simmer Down” produced by Kid Robotik
Lyrics written by Stutter Jack
Vocals Mixed by Rik Mono
Music Mastered by Synct aka Mike Stuart
Art Work by Alex Holman
Released by Powercut Productions 2016 all rights reserved

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